Flowers are considered an important part in every bride’s day, when planning for creating unforgettable moments on your wedding day, one of the most important decisions you should make will be related to wedding flower arrangements for the event. Things you should share with your florist before your wedding day. What is the information you need to share with your wedding florist to help creating your wedding flower arrangements event?


Flowers are considered an important part in every bride’s look, wedding decoration, and even a part of the wedding cake. For this reason, people are spending about 8 percent of their total wedding budget on flowers. It is important to consider informing your wedding florist about the target budget in details before ordering flowers online in Dubai to consider other wedding expenses.

Wedding Date

Essentially, one of the most important things you have to inform your wedding florist about is the wedding date. This is to ensure his availability and arrange for the seasonal flowers during that time of the year

Favorite Flowers

Your florist will do his best to involve the flowers that you prefer, but don’t get upset if a flower you love isn’t available during your wedding season—be flexible and trust your florist to find an alternative that will provide the same look and feel.

Seating Plan

The florist is also responsible for creating centerpieces for your reception tables. He is designing the types and numbers of tables you will need Remember, too, that there will be other tables and areas that will need decorating including the escort card table, buffet tables, and more.

Guest (and Wedding Party) Count

The guest count, number of people in your wedding party, relatives and friends is very important in order to enable your wedding florist to figure out how many centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres you’ll need in your special day. Whether you want to keep it simple or you want flowers throughout every space on your wedding day, contact Camelia Flowers to know all points you want to consider before you sit down with any florist.