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Garden Rose Catalina - Pittosporum Emerald snow - Bouvardia White - Aster Casablanca - Galdini Berzelia - Roma Astrantia

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Garden Rose Catalina - 8 stem 

Pittosporum Emerald snow -  8 stem

Bouvardia White - 5 stem

Aster Casablanca - 2 stem

Galdini Berzelia - 3 stem

Roma Astrantia - 3 stem

Occasionally, depending on availability of some flowers, we will use alternative, with similar type and colour flowers, that will fit with the style of bouquet, and be of equal or greater value.

Delivery Instructions

Please ensure to add any important details to your order that we need to know about, such as what time slot you would ideally like the flowers to be received by the recipient - either a.m or p.m (although we can't always guarantee times, we will always do our best). Also please don't forget to write the recipient a personal message! If you need any further assistance, please call us.

For same day deliveries, place order by 1pm. For next day delivery, place order by 9pm. We will send your finished order photo for approval before delivery.

In relation to the Subscription, the client has to select the bouquets for each week from the list of all arrangements. The prices for 3 months will have a discount of 20%. For 6 months, a discount of 25%. A certain formula should provide the total cost. This has to be paid when confirming their subscription.

Bouquets Care Guidelines

After you receive your bouquet, you can help your fresh flowers last longer by following these simple cut flower care guidelines.

  • Display flowers in a cool spot. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep the vase, container or liner filled with fresh water.
  • Keep the vase, container or liner filled with fresh water.
  • Every few days, change the water. Be sure to clean the vase before refilling it with room-temperature water. Trim the stems. Remove 3/4" to one inch from the bottom of the stem and be sure to cut the stem at an angle to allow the flower the best chance to take up water.
  • Remove any spent or damaged blooms or foliage that falls below the waterline in the vase. Then place them back into the clean vase with the fresh water and a flower food (if available. If not, you can put some sugar and Aspirin)