Wondering where to buy flowers in Abu Dhabi

Camelia Flowers offers many bouquets and arrangements for any occasion that requires sending flowers in Abu Dhabi. When it comes to flowers it is always the best choice of gifts to celebrate someone’s birthday, engagement, marriage, corporate events, parties, or even if it’s just a friendly visit, or to even decorate your own house with flowers. Flowers are always special and magical!

Where do Camelia’s flowers in Abu Dhabi originate from?

Camelia Flowers gets the finest, high-quality flowers from 50 countries worldwide such as Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, the USA, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, and more. This allows Camelia Flowers to be the leading in wholesale for flowers and plants across the UAE. It’s the best and most well-trusted shop for flowers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  Specific flowers are freshly imported daily based on the demand and seasonal availability of flowers and plants. Camelia chooses the best quality worldwide and its professional shipping and delivery are what make it stand out in the flower market. The team behind Camelia Flowers is a group of experienced and professional people with a deep understanding of flowers, plants, landscaping, and flowers decoration.  Find the best flowers in Abu Dhabi at Camelia Flowers! 

What are the occasions for giving flowers in Abu Dhabi?

There’s always a lot of celebrations around us, and there are no better gifts than flowers! Flowers have always been a way to convey a certain message and it has become a popular tradition to do so. Internationally, many occasions mark the social life of any group of people. Though traditions may differ, flowers are a common element in any occasion or celebration. The most popularly celebrated occasions requiring flowers are:
  • Anniversaries: be it a celebration of the marriage or the start of a relationship, roses are the traditional flower for love. 
  • Birthdays: be it a bouquet or a potted plant, make sure to include a note for the important birthday person. 
  • Graduations: Cut flowers or potted plants are perfect for any type of graduation. 
  • Births / Get well soon: for an occasion as joyous as birth or for any other hospitalization, sending a flower arrangement directly to the hospital is very thoughtful.
  • Valentine’s Day: choose traditional red roses or a creative themed arrangement to express your love on this yearly celebrated day. 
  • Mother’s Day: it’s a special day to show moms some love and gratitude by sending daisies, tulips, lilies, and roses. 
  • Religious holidays: worldwide, religious holidays may vary but the essence of gathering and celebration is the same. Choose a special arrangement that includes greens, white lilies, or any themed flower that suit the occasion. 

What are the services at Camelia for flowers in Abu Dhabi?

Camelia Flowers deals with all types of services related to flowers in Abu Dhabi. It is not only about preparing arrangements and bouquets, but the team behind Camelia works closely and attentively in landscaping, indoor plants, maintenance, and care.  Providing the right, professional care for the plants in your space, whether it is a big or small space, is essential to preserve the plants in their fresh, healthy, and green state and allow them to grow in a healthy environment. That’s why Camelia Flowers offers indoor landscaping and maintenance services by their professional team regularly.  Camelia Flowers offers wholesale services to several florists all over the UAE. Every florist’s trust in us and our flowers and plants helped us grow and deal with many other flower retailers in the country. Aside from the wholesale, Camelia Flowers offers many house plants and flower bouquets and arrangements to celebrate love, birthdays, newborns, or just for house decoration.  We, at Camelia Flowers, care to be part of your beautiful and memorable moments. That’s why we offer to be part of your wedding and events by preparing personalized, unique bouquets and arrangements of flowers in Abu Dhabi, and the UAE. Even on the corporate level, Camelia Flowers cares to be part of your customers’ and guests’ memorable experiences and moments. Whether it’s hotels or offices, our luxurious flower arrangements will fill up your space beautifully. 

How to get or order flowers in Abu Dhabi?

Find the perfect flowers in Abu Dhabi at Camelia Flowers located at Defence Road, Muroor Street. You can always contact Camelia Flowers on their website for any information or online order. Send an email to camelia@ccsupport.ae or call the closest location near you.  Check the subscription plan that suits your need on the website and enjoy monthly creations to match every need and occasion.  Choose your favorite flowers from Camelia Flowers and get the best quality of flowers in Abu Dhabi and the UAE in a beautiful and unique arrangement!  Find the best flowers in Abu Dhabi at Camelia Flowers!